Beauty Trends: Summer 2016

Hello pretty fellas

Everybody likes and want to feel pretty. Wear make up make us feel a little bit more confident about us. It help us cover our pimples and imperfections. But what should we use during the Summer of 2016? I read some articles about make up trends and I choose my favourites.

1-  Bun Cuff
Is a hair accessory. You just slip it over your bun and voilá. It’s done. This thing will help you a lot during this summer time.


screen-shot-2016-06-22-at-123014-pm2- Non Touring
“Instead of a heavy contoured look, non-touring is very soft,” she explains. “It’s about dewy and glowy skin—you don’t want the skin to look super matte or dry. It’s kind of like Spanx for the skin. You know you’re wearing it, but no one’s supposed to see it.” – Renee Sanganoo

All you need is a primer and
for coverage, and a highlighter (pearlescent or bronzed) for shine and sculpt and it’s done.



3- Blurred Lipsblurred-lips-marni-fall-2013
Lipstick is even more maintenance in summer thanks to sweat and excess oil, which is all the more reason to embrace the melty-ness with a blurred lip.
All you have to do is blur the outer edges of the lips and add more color to the center for a natural-looking, I-just-had-few-glasses-of-wine pout.




4- Face Gloss
Milk Makeup has introduced a new way to get light-happy all over your face.
The clear, non-sticky, and high-shine gloss makes it practically impossible to mess up and can be applied virtually anywhere, whether you want glossy lids, cheekbones, or even color bones.

5- Glitter Tears
The look gives the illusion of falling ‘tears’.
Glitter tears are the latest in a string of glitter-inspired beauty trends, following on from glitter hair roots for women with regrowth and glitter freckles.
The glitter can either be applied in even coverage under the eye to add a touch of shimmer or applied heavily in tear-shaped trails that run down the face.


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