Summer Outfits: 2016

Hello Guys

Summer as already came and the biggest problem is what we’re going to wear. I’ve been into Berska and Pull and Bear sites and pick some of my favorites outfits that I think you can use this summer. Let’s start with the girls.

So that are my favorite outfits from Berska and Pull and Bear sites. About the firs girl, she is my fav. I literally love the high waisted denim shorts and the top. This is a ” I am confident about my body” outfit. You can wear for a night out with friends or your boyfriend, go to the cinema. Just don’t use when you’re going to visit your grandma. As a boy I would love my bestfriends to wear themselfs like that. Is a very simple, comfortable and beautiful outfit. And if you want something match, white is the colour, like a white small bag.
My second fav outfit is the with white pants. OMG!!! I freaking love that outfit. The best for sunny days, cause you don’t get to hot and it’s pretty, soft and comfy. Everybody including mens should wear it. It’s just perfect. Her top blends so well with her pants and the unic thing that is missing is a white versace bag ahaha. That is the ” I’m mature and grown” outfit in my opinion. You can use it on a shopping day or a night with girls or even go to school with it. Btw don’t forget the high heels, cause if you wear that outfit with heels you’ll look stunning.
My third and last fav outfit that I will talk about is the girl with a dress. I love the dress, the color, I love everything in it. It’s perfect to go to the beach, to visit your grandma, go to school, shopping, go on a trip with family. I really don’t know what to say more cause the dress is amazing.

Now, let’s talk about the boys. Hummm. Are you ready to see what’s good. The girls were simply beautiful but some of the next models are just whoo omg!

My first fav outfit is the last boy. In addition of being very sexy and pretty, the outfit is amazing. Is comfy, a little bit fancy for a teen. I like it. It’s good to go to school and shopping with friends. Literally for everything. The blue pants and the black shirt are perfect together and in my opinion is a “I’m a teen living my life” outfit.
My second outfit choice is the boy with a blue sark. I love the outfit, is good to go on holidays and go shopping mostly. It fits very good together.
My last outfit choice is the penultimate boy. I don’t know why but I really like the outfit. the jacket is pretty and seems comfy. I really don’t know what say about this one.

If you disagree with something, comment and let me know your opinion.


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