Which Make Up Brand do I use?

Hello guys!!! I’m back… After a long time off I decided to come back. So today I’m going to talk about some make up brands I used and which one is my favourite. It migt seem awkward to you seeing a boy wearing make up but believe me it isn’t and doesn’t have nothing to deal with your sexual orientation. I use make up cause it makes me feel prettier and more confident, so if you have some confident issues try to use a little bit of make up.

I don’t know if you all remember my post about Foundations, but if you don’t got check it out cause he can help you a little bit.

Let’s start with my favourite brand and the one I use everyday. KIKO is a make up store and brand which has the best make up products ever. They have a good price and an excellent quality. Till today I’ve only used foundations, concealers and eyebrow experts and I loved it. U should check this store and see if you have her on your country and try some products. And I will not explain how the product is because you can go to the store and try them all there, at least in my country I can do it.

The next make up brand I already used is L’Óreal. It is a good brand but the foundations, in my opinion, aren’t that good when you want a full coverage make up. I’ve never used any other make up product from them but I will one day.

Comment if you agree with me and tell me what make up brands do you usually use. See you next time guys. X PeZ

* those images aren’t mine *



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