Vma’s 2016 Best and Worst Outfit


Hello Everybody. The Vma’s were 3 days ago and during this 3 days I’ve rest a little bit and saw all of the white carpet photos to bring this post for you today. So as I promised on my last post’s this is will be almost a fashion review, but let’s get started.

For worst outfits I choose: (with no specific order)

Tove Lo, Kingsley, Frankie Grande, Dasha and 3 other personalities. Now you are asking yourself why I choose them to worst outfit and my answer is:  I don’t know. I really don’t know. When I was searching all of the images from the white carpet and performances this pics were the ones that pop up in my mind to worst outfit. Now explaining in a guru pagefashion (which I’m not) way. Let’s start with Dasha also known as Dayanara from the Netflix series, Orange is the New Black. I would like her outfit if she didn’t mix jeans with a dress. I can even think how that is possible. I like the color of the dress, I like the shoes and I love the Jeans, but girl!!! C’mon mix it all together??? Nah. That’s a no for me.

Next we got Tove Lo, and if I could I would buy her some better shoes, cause wearing a white dress in a white carper with pink tennis?That’s a no too. First of all. NEVER wear tennis with a dress and if it is white don’t even think about that, girl!!! But what I don’t like here is the dress. I think it’s too big for her. That’s why she is on the Worst Outfits.

Now let’s talk about Kingsley. NO NO NO. It’s horrible. If he was a little boy with 5 years old, probably I would like his outfit, but he’s not. The main reason this outfit is a disaster, in my opinion, are the shorts. He could wear a normal suit and I love him and probably marry him, but not in this way. Sorry boy.

For the next 3 one’s, I didn’t even found a reason. I just don’t like it. Sorry, but it’s a big NO from me.

About the Best Outfits I will not even say a word. Just look:

We have the fabulous Queen B, Rihanna with her performance dress, Holland, Hayley Baldwin,  Naomi Campbell, Jake Miller, my girl Nicki Minaj, and more. And I forgot too include Alessia Cara, Ariana Grande, Laura Marano and Hailee Steinfield in Balmain. I really don’t know what to say about them because they are stunning. By the way my fav look are the drags. I love them so much. They dressed to have fun. They literally don’t care about the cameras. Love it. My 10th fav are Alicia Keys and Alessia Cara. And I didn’t include the outfit after 10th fav cause is not about the outfit but the fact that they weren’t wearing any make up. How great is that?

I think that’s all for today guys. I hope you are liking my post and I will put more effort into them, I promise. I’m not in a good mood for do it now, but when I get better I will. By the way. from now on the Blog will have 4 posts. 2 of them in English and 2 in Portuguese. I hope you don’t mind.

Love you all no matter what, PeZ


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