Halloween is gone!!!

It seems like Halloween is gone again and we have to wait another year to get our costumes out. In my opinion Halloween is one of the best times in the year (after Christmas of course) ever, even though we don’t celebrate it in our country like America and UK do. In Portugal Halloween is only celebrated on Kinder Garden and Primary School but seems that the tradition is changing and now you can do it everywhere. This was my first year celebrating Halloween ever as a teenager and it was so good. I had so much fun with my friends that I cannot explain. I’m leaving some pictures below. I want to know what did you hear for this halloween, so if you have photos just upload them on the comments section or tweet me on @pedro_terrantes.
Hope you had fun this year

*To create this look I used KiKo Milano Foundation (Warm Beige 60), Concealer (nº6), Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit (nº2), Shiny Eyeliner (to create tears and give some glow), White Make Up Cream and Red Make Up Cream, Eye Pencil+ Black Lip Liner+ Black Lipstick and a Volume Mascara or Eyelashes*

*To create the Skull Costume you just need a primer, white powder, White Make up Cream and Black Make up Cream, Mascara and a White shirt to destroy*

Btw I’m sorry that lately the post’s haven’t been that good, but I don’t know what should I post. I promise it will get better.

I hope you liked the post and see you next next
Love you, Byeeee


3 thoughts on “Halloween is gone!!!

  1. Yes, these days we have Halloween in the UK but of course it’s mostly for children and teenagers. I haven’t seen much of it here in Lisbon except for a shop in the Colombo Shopping Mall which was packed with Halloween things.

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