About Life of Pez

Life of Pez is a breakout Portuguese blog that will talk about life, fashion and beauty. It will be a different from the others because it won’t have regular days to post and the theme is always different. From product reviews to how to cook simple and delicious meals. Life of Pez is the type of blog you want to read in your daily life. The is also 2 languages, Portuguese and English. You will have the opportunity two read 3 post a week in English and 2 in Portuguese.

About the author

Pedro is a 16 year old boy, from Portugal who decided to create this tiny little space to share his ideas and thoughts. He wants to help people seeing the world in a different, better and funnier way. He will share his opinion with you about everything you want and he wants, because this blog is also yours. One of the things he wants to show with this blog is that Young people can have ideas and be someone too.