Which Make Up Brand do I use?

Hello guys!!! I’m back… After a long time off I decided to come back. So today I’m going to talk about some make up brands I used and which one is my favourite. It migt seem awkward to you seeing a boy wearing make up but believe me it isn’t and doesn’t have nothing to deal with your sexual orientation. I use make up cause it makes me feel prettier and more confident, so if you have some confident issues try to use a little bit of make up.

I don’t know if you all remember my post about Foundations, but if you don’t got check it out cause he can help you a little bit.

Let’s start with my favourite brand and the one I use everyday. KIKO is a make up store and brand which has the best make up products ever. They have a good price and an excellent quality. Till today I’ve only used foundations, concealers and eyebrow experts and I loved it. U should check this store and see if you have her on your country and try some products. And I will not explain how the product is because you can go to the store and try them all there, at least in my country I can do it.

The next make up brand I already used is L’Óreal. It is a good brand but the foundations, in my opinion, aren’t that good when you want a full coverage make up. I’ve never used any other make up product from them but I will one day.

Comment if you agree with me and tell me what make up brands do you usually use. See you next time guys. X PeZ

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Summer Portuguese Food

Summer has already came and this is that time of the year when we want our body’s to be perfect. But that doesn’t happen if we don’t eat healthy. On today’s post I’m going to teach you how to cook one healthy plate .

The first one is Cod and chips (portuguese way)
To prepare this amazig meal you will need
– 1 set of fresh frozen cod
– 1 lemon
– kadaif fresh pasta
– frying oil
– mayonnaise

4 persons / 30 minutes to prepare / $ moderate

So let’s start. Firts you need to cut the set of fresh frozen cod crosswise, in 2 width cm pieces. Temper with salt and pepper, drizzle with lemon juice and let it marinate during 20 minutes. Dry with absorbent paper and wrap the kadaif fresh pasta around each piece of the cod. Fry until golden brown dough and put it on absorbent paper. Serve with with chips and lime mayonnaise. Enjoy it6231802_orig

Hello guys!!!

Today I’m going to talk about foundation. Foundation is something so precious and magical that everybody should use it. I started to use foundation and it´s good cause it makes me feel more confident and it is very fresh and some of them have benefits to your skin… So I will tell you some foundations you can use and you won’t regret it.

Captura de Ecrã (40)

1.  The first one is  Nars All Day Luminous Foundation
If you’re looking for a foundation product which can give you a full natural-looking coverage with weightless. Nars Foundation is the perfect one. “Highly pigmented and perfectly balanced, this breakthrough formula builds and blends effortlessly with just one drop. Shake, pump and blend in sections for complete coverage that’s completely natural looking.”



Captura de Ecrã (39)


2. L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation
“For the 1st time, a super gliding mattifying formula with a high water content for maximum comfort that lasts. Contains Shine Defy Blotting Spheres that act like blotting paper to mimic makeup artist gesture, instantly absorbing sweat and oil without disturbing color pigments.”



Well between the Nars Foundation and the L’Oréal I choose the Nars All Day Luminous Foundation because it is way better than the L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation in terms of full coverage. If you got an oily skin they are both perfect for you but in my oppinion I don’t recommend them. But L’Oréal if you think I’m wrong you can always send me some products that might change my opinion. AHAHA

WHO WINS: Nars All Day Luminous Foundation



   3. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

This foundation + concealer is perfect for everyone with any skin type who wants adjustable coverage and a natural matte finish. “The lightweight, moisturizing, oil-free formula covers thoroughly without clogging pores, allowing your skin to breathe comfortably and keeping color true even through sweat and humidity. Once blended completely and allowed to dry, Beyond Perfecting Makeup will melt into your skin for a Beyond Perfected flawless look. A little goes a long way!”


    4. Milani 2 in 1 Foundation
Milani Foundation it’s like a Nars All Day Luminous Foundation 2.o but better. I trully recommed this one cuz if you’re a person into full coverage and you don’t want to pay a lot of money for a make up product, you should own this one. It fits well on the skin, is fresh and gives you a natural look.With this foundation + concealer you can combat your under eyes circles and skin imperfections.

WHO WINS: Milani 2 in one Foundation

I choose the Milani Foundation she is way better than the clinique. Milani has more coverage than the Clinique which brightier. I totally recomend both produtcs but for me the Milani is better.


   5. Giorgio Armani Luminous Slik Foundation

I don´t have a lot to say about this one. It isn’t my favourite but I still would use it because I don´t have a natural glow skin and I think this foundation is essential for people who don´t have a glow skin like mine. The worst part of this produtc is the fact that it isn’t good for coverage but it stays all day in your face.

” So weightless, it redefines foundation. Its hydrating fluid glides on seamlessly with a silky texture and all-day, buildable coverage. Suitable for all skin types.


   6. L’Oréal Tru Match Lumi

I really like this one and the package is pretty. This foundation is good for coverage, for sensitive skin, is clinically proven to leave skin healthier looking, clearer and more luminous.


WHO WINS: L’Oréal Tru Matc Lumi

Of course I would choose the L’Oréal foundation because she gives us full coverage and it’s good for our skin. So Giorgio Armani I’m sorry honey but your foundation isn’t that good. This two foundation productd are luminess foundations so if you a natural glow I wouldn’t recommend you to use them.

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation: http://www.narscosmetics.com/USA/foundation

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation: 


Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer: 


Milani 2 in 1 Foundation: http://milanicosmetics.com/Conceal-Perfect-2-in-1-Foundation-Concealer.html

Giorgio Armani Luminous Slik Foundation: http://www.giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com/luminous-silk-foundation/A041,default,pd.html?dwvar_A041_color=5%2e5&start=1&cgid=foundation

L’Oréal Tru Match Lumi: http://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/make-up/face/foundation/true-match-liquid-foundation

In case you want to purchase some of this produtcs you can do it on Target, Drugstore,…

If you are in Portugal like me you have to buy them on the company site with the original price.



June Favourites

If you remember my post about celebrities beauty lines, probably the this name isn’t that strange for you. A few weeks ago I was looking for new youtubers to watch and I’ve found an incredible girl. Her name is Zoe Sugg a.k.a Zoella. She’s one of the biggest fashion-beauty youtubers and one Zoella-image-zoella-36436306-1600-1066of the biggest youtubers ever. Over 10 million subscribers on her main channel and more than 4 million on her second channel, Zoella has more subscribes than some music stars. In my opinion she is the most successful youtuber of all time. Beyond her youtube channel Zoe wrote 2 books, “Gilr Online” and “Girl Online On Tour”  which the first one has broke the record of more sales in the first week on the market. ZoZo also has a beauty and make-up brand with amazing products that you should really buy (check my post about celebrities beauty lines). The  most amazing thing is that she conquer all of this in 7 years.

Other thing that made part of my month was a film called ” The Age of Adeline”. This movie is just amazing and you have to watch it. It’s about a lady called Adeline but has to change her name and everything about her everytime she reachs a certain age ’cause she had an The_Age_of_Adaline_film_posteraccident on her young-adult life that in a kind of way transformed her body. He made me thing about being who I am and how bad it his for us to change who we are instead of being us. If you watch it you will understand and then come to me and let’s talk about it.
West Side Story is another film that I have watched this month. I literally fell in love with him. I won’t talk about it, but the songs they sang… Omg amazing

And now it’s time to talk about music. I can stop listening to Troye Sivan and Alessia cara Wild and Ariana’s new album Dangerous Woman. Troye and Alessia are my fav breakout artist and my little sunshine and idols and when I saw a tweet saying that they would collab my world just ended. The song came out on my MACS exam day. After I came to school I turn my pc on, I’ve runned to youtube and I started listening and I thought I was in heaven for a minute. The song is so freaking good, you really have to listen. About Ariana: Damn girl!!! She is one of my favs too and my little baby Ari album is so freaking amazing. I can feel the girl power!

About food I’ve been obsessed over this month with vanilla cookies. They are so good that I ate a whole package of them. Of course my mom had to buy more, because when you eat one you can’t stop eat them. They’re really good to eat when you are watching a movie or reading a book. So please try it!!!


Zoella Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390

Zoella Blog: https://www.zoella.co.uk/

Zoella Beauty Products: http://www.superdrug.com/microsite/zoella-beauty-range





Summer Outfits: 2016

Hello Guys

Summer as already came and the biggest problem is what we’re going to wear. I’ve been into Berska and Pull and Bear sites and pick some of my favorites outfits that I think you can use this summer. Let’s start with the girls.

So that are my favorite outfits from Berska and Pull and Bear sites. About the firs girl, she is my fav. I literally love the high waisted denim shorts and the top. This is a ” I am confident about my body” outfit. You can wear for a night out with friends or your boyfriend, go to the cinema. Just don’t use when you’re going to visit your grandma. As a boy I would love my bestfriends to wear themselfs like that. Is a very simple, comfortable and beautiful outfit. And if you want something match, white is the colour, like a white small bag.
My second fav outfit is the with white pants. OMG!!! I freaking love that outfit. The best for sunny days, cause you don’t get to hot and it’s pretty, soft and comfy. Everybody including mens should wear it. It’s just perfect. Her top blends so well with her pants and the unic thing that is missing is a white versace bag ahaha. That is the ” I’m mature and grown” outfit in my opinion. You can use it on a shopping day or a night with girls or even go to school with it. Btw don’t forget the high heels, cause if you wear that outfit with heels you’ll look stunning.
My third and last fav outfit that I will talk about is the girl with a dress. I love the dress, the color, I love everything in it. It’s perfect to go to the beach, to visit your grandma, go to school, shopping, go on a trip with family. I really don’t know what to say more cause the dress is amazing.

Now, let’s talk about the boys. Hummm. Are you ready to see what’s good. The girls were simply beautiful but some of the next models are just whoo omg!

My first fav outfit is the last boy. In addition of being very sexy and pretty, the outfit is amazing. Is comfy, a little bit fancy for a teen. I like it. It’s good to go to school and shopping with friends. Literally for everything. The blue pants and the black shirt are perfect together and in my opinion is a “I’m a teen living my life” outfit.
My second outfit choice is the boy with a blue sark. I love the outfit, is good to go on holidays and go shopping mostly. It fits very good together.
My last outfit choice is the penultimate boy. I don’t know why but I really like the outfit. the jacket is pretty and seems comfy. I really don’t know what say about this one.

If you disagree with something, comment and let me know your opinion.

Beauty Trends: Summer 2016

Hello pretty fellas

Everybody likes and want to feel pretty. Wear make up make us feel a little bit more confident about us. It help us cover our pimples and imperfections. But what should we use during the Summer of 2016? I read some articles about make up trends and I choose my favourites.

1-  Bun Cuff
Is a hair accessory. You just slip it over your bun and voilá. It’s done. This thing will help you a lot during this summer time.


screen-shot-2016-06-22-at-123014-pm2- Non Touring
“Instead of a heavy contoured look, non-touring is very soft,” she explains. “It’s about dewy and glowy skin—you don’t want the skin to look super matte or dry. It’s kind of like Spanx for the skin. You know you’re wearing it, but no one’s supposed to see it.” – Renee Sanganoo

All you need is a primer and
for coverage, and a highlighter (pearlescent or bronzed) for shine and sculpt and it’s done.



3- Blurred Lipsblurred-lips-marni-fall-2013
Lipstick is even more maintenance in summer thanks to sweat and excess oil, which is all the more reason to embrace the melty-ness with a blurred lip.
All you have to do is blur the outer edges of the lips and add more color to the center for a natural-looking, I-just-had-few-glasses-of-wine pout.




4- Face Gloss
Milk Makeup has introduced a new way to get light-happy all over your face.
The clear, non-sticky, and high-shine gloss makes it practically impossible to mess up and can be applied virtually anywhere, whether you want glossy lids, cheekbones, or even color bones.

5- Glitter Tears
The look gives the illusion of falling ‘tears’.
Glitter tears are the latest in a string of glitter-inspired beauty trends, following on from glitter hair roots for women with regrowth and glitter freckles.
The glitter can either be applied in even coverage under the eye to add a touch of shimmer or applied heavily in tear-shaped trails that run down the face.

Little Mix’s 4 is coming?

Hey there

After  the success of the ‘Get Weird’ album, which was the second best selling album of 2015, by a girl group, in the Uk and all the singles the girls released on this era they are finally ready to start working on their fourth studio album.


On a interview to the Ok! magazine, Jade Thrilwall confirmed the they were already working on the next album. ” We’ve started working on the next album now, which is really exciting, so that should be out soon”.
Despite currently being on the road with their world tour and with their massive UK hit Hair, Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade expect to release the album very “soon”

Perrie said: “Hopefully there’ll be a few surprises on there, I actually cried when I heard a certain person wanted to collaborate with us… I can’t say anything in case it doesn’t happen, I don’t want to jinx it” About the collaborations in this new work Jesy hopes that Macklemore and Nicki Minaj be on the album.

I really think they don’t take a day off. We can’t forget that their album ‘Get Weird’ broke records all over the world as their smash hit single ‘Black Magic’. O ther thing they have to be proud of is the fact that they’re the first group to ever win a X Factor series.

I hope the album doesn’t get to long cause I’m very excited to see what my girls have been doing.