Julaugus Favorites

Hello everybody. Today’s post is going to be about July and August Favorites. I completely forgot to do my months favorites in July so I’m going to mix it all in one post. Hope it’s not that big.

Let’s start with movies. During this two months I’ve watched:

  • Me Before You
  • One Day
  • Clueless
  • Love, Rosie
  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • P.S I love You
  • 5 to 7
  • Barbershop: the next cut
  • Love and other drugs

I know, probably is too much, but I’m addicted to romances since last year. I have too watch at least 3 every month. So between all of that films my favorites were Me Before You, One Day, Love,Rosie and 5 to 7. I loved the other ones but I can talk about all of them so… Truly I’ve cried while I was watching them. *Of course I didn’t cried on Barbershop*
I really don’t know how to explains the films without being spoiler, but it’s a mix of emotions. In every of them exist a men and woman who fall in love with each other and some get happy and some don’t. You have to watch them. And you already after watch them, come and talk to me. I’ll leave my twitter right here: @pedro_terrantes
By the way, the end of One Day is a little bit shock and the whole 5 to 7 too. * I think there aren’t many relationships like the one in 5 to 7.

About series… Well Orange is the new black is the thing. I started to watch it an year ago. I finished this month and I loved it. I’m shocked, I’m dying inside, I’ve lost myself in the middle of the ocean with everything that happened during this last season. Damn it was lit. The next one is The Fosters. Literally nobody will ever know how many tears I’ve laid. I always cry, in every episode and I don’t know why. But they were my fav series and movies of Julaugus. And please watch them all

Now let’s get to my youtube, YouNowers and bloggers fellas. I’ve been living for them during this Summer Holidays. Zoella aka Zoe Sugg stills my number one but now …

I’ve been reading too some posts of Ramona Crisstea ( https://ramonacrisstea.com/ ) and Laura Kate Beauty ( https://laurakatebeauty.wordpress.com/ ). They are simply amazing.
All of that youtubers and Poppy have been part of my live for a while ago, but I just realized now how much they mean to me and how happy they make me feel. You really should watch some of their videos.

About food, make up, books and apps there aren’t a lot. I’ve been using a new concealer from Kiko Milano which is very good and soft and smells good. I have discovered a new app too called AmpMe where you can share music with your friends and listen to them all at the same time in different phones and the best part about is that you can listen to music on youtube even if you aren’t at the app or your phone is locked


I think it’s all for the today. See you on my next post guys. Love you all

*our blog has a new design. I hope you all like it*

Summer Portuguese Food

Summer has already came and this is that time of the year when we want our body’s to be perfect. But that doesn’t happen if we don’t eat healthy. On today’s post I’m going to teach you how to cook one healthy plate .

The first one is Cod and chips (portuguese way)
To prepare this amazig meal you will need
– 1 set of fresh frozen cod
– 1 lemon
– kadaif fresh pasta
– frying oil
– mayonnaise

4 persons / 30 minutes to prepare / $ moderate

So let’s start. Firts you need to cut the set of fresh frozen cod crosswise, in 2 width cm pieces. Temper with salt and pepper, drizzle with lemon juice and let it marinate during 20 minutes. Dry with absorbent paper and wrap the kadaif fresh pasta around each piece of the cod. Fry until golden brown dough and put it on absorbent paper. Serve with with chips and lime mayonnaise. Enjoy it6231802_orig

June Favourites

If you remember my post about celebrities beauty lines, probably the this name isn’t that strange for you. A few weeks ago I was looking for new youtubers to watch and I’ve found an incredible girl. Her name is Zoe Sugg a.k.a Zoella. She’s one of the biggest fashion-beauty youtubers and one Zoella-image-zoella-36436306-1600-1066of the biggest youtubers ever. Over 10 million subscribers on her main channel and more than 4 million on her second channel, Zoella has more subscribes than some music stars. In my opinion she is the most successful youtuber of all time. Beyond her youtube channel Zoe wrote 2 books, “Gilr Online” and “Girl Online On Tour”  which the first one has broke the record of more sales in the first week on the market. ZoZo also has a beauty and make-up brand with amazing products that you should really buy (check my post about celebrities beauty lines). The  most amazing thing is that she conquer all of this in 7 years.

Other thing that made part of my month was a film called ” The Age of Adeline”. This movie is just amazing and you have to watch it. It’s about a lady called Adeline but has to change her name and everything about her everytime she reachs a certain age ’cause she had an The_Age_of_Adaline_film_posteraccident on her young-adult life that in a kind of way transformed her body. He made me thing about being who I am and how bad it his for us to change who we are instead of being us. If you watch it you will understand and then come to me and let’s talk about it.
West Side Story is another film that I have watched this month. I literally fell in love with him. I won’t talk about it, but the songs they sang… Omg amazing

And now it’s time to talk about music. I can stop listening to Troye Sivan and Alessia cara Wild and Ariana’s new album Dangerous Woman. Troye and Alessia are my fav breakout artist and my little sunshine and idols and when I saw a tweet saying that they would collab my world just ended. The song came out on my MACS exam day. After I came to school I turn my pc on, I’ve runned to youtube and I started listening and I thought I was in heaven for a minute. The song is so freaking good, you really have to listen. About Ariana: Damn girl!!! She is one of my favs too and my little baby Ari album is so freaking amazing. I can feel the girl power!

About food I’ve been obsessed over this month with vanilla cookies. They are so good that I ate a whole package of them. Of course my mom had to buy more, because when you eat one you can’t stop eat them. They’re really good to eat when you are watching a movie or reading a book. So please try it!!!


Zoella Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390

Zoella Blog: https://www.zoella.co.uk/

Zoella Beauty Products: http://www.superdrug.com/microsite/zoella-beauty-range