Halloween is gone!!!

It seems like Halloween is gone again and we have to wait another year to get our costumes out. In my opinion Halloween is one of the best times in the year (after Christmas of course) ever, even though we don’t celebrate it in our country like America and UK do. In Portugal Halloween is only celebrated on Kinder Garden and Primary School but seems that the tradition is changing and now you can do it everywhere. This was my first year celebrating Halloween ever as a teenager and it was so good. I had so much fun with my friends that I cannot explain. I’m leaving some pictures below. I want to know what did you hear for this halloween, so if you have photos just upload them on the comments section or tweet me on @pedro_terrantes.
Hope you had fun this year

*To create this look I used KiKo Milano Foundation (Warm Beige 60), Concealer (nº6), Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit (nº2), Shiny Eyeliner (to create tears and give some glow), White Make Up Cream and Red Make Up Cream, Eye Pencil+ Black Lip Liner+ Black Lipstick and a Volume Mascara or Eyelashes*

*To create the Skull Costume you just need a primer, white powder, White Make up Cream and Black Make up Cream, Mascara and a White shirt to destroy*

Btw I’m sorry that lately the post’s haven’t been that good, but I don’t know what should I post. I promise it will get better.

I hope you liked the post and see you next next
Love you, Byeeee

I went to Lisbon with my Mean Girls Squad and a friend

Well Well Well

It’s been a long time since I made a post here. I think I have to say sorry about that but I have to slow down a little bit because of school.  But I think I’m back and I won’t leave.

So yesterday I went to Lisbon with my new Squad, on a  school trip. I have to admit… it was cool. We visit some places of that city, take photos and the most important thing we had a lot of fun. First of all, Lisbon is a city in my country, Portugal, and if you didn’t visit it yet manage a way to do it. Christmas is coming and is beautiful in Lisbon.

I won’t say to much so I’ll let some pics of the city and places we visited.


By the way, I have a youtube channel with some covers so if you want to check do it

Hope you liked today’s post and see you next time

Love you all no matter what, PeZ

Places To Go

Hello Everybody!!!

I hope you liked the Portuguese post and you visited some of the bloggers I talked about. But today we have a post in English and I’m going to talk about Places that you can visit in Portugal and What will be my next step with this blog.

During my 16 (almost 17 yasss) years of life I’ve travelled a lot with my family and scouts. I’ve visited the most beautiful places in my country and I’m going to show one today.

This is Serra do Caramulo, properly Carumulinho and it’s located in Viseu, one of the prettiest city’s Portugal owns. If you have time and you like to travel, you should come and visit this paradise. I think I’ve never been into a place so beautiful, fresh and frinedly in my whole life. Everybody that lives here is so nice and sweet that you will never want to leave. And the most important thing is THE VIEW. Guys the view is … I can’t describe. I don’t have words to explain how pretty it is. At the beggining I was very scared because  I am afraid of heights, but when I got to the top, I forgot everything and anything. Truly, I’ve never felt so good. Just take a look:

Isnt’ that beautiful??? I think you should come to my country and visit some of this beautiful places, if not all of them. I will leave some links here with some hotels and places you can stay if one day you want to visit.


Now about the new things I want to do with the blog. You guys are the reason why bloggers exist. You are always here to read whatever we write, you are always here to support us, no matter what. Probably this isn’t a good idea or it is but it won’t work. But we can try right. Every month I will dedicate a post to you. You can send me a dm on twitter or email me with something you want to share with the world, or a opinion you have about the blog, whatever. I will choose 2 of the best one’s and post it here. If you guys like the idea comment something about it. This will happen every 2nd friday of the month.

Well, I hope you liked it and I see you tomorrow with another post.
Love you all, PeZ



Summer Portuguese Food

Summer has already came and this is that time of the year when we want our body’s to be perfect. But that doesn’t happen if we don’t eat healthy. On today’s post I’m going to teach you how to cook one healthy plate .

The first one is Cod and chips (portuguese way)
To prepare this amazig meal you will need
– 1 set of fresh frozen cod
– 1 lemon
– kadaif fresh pasta
– frying oil
– mayonnaise

4 persons / 30 minutes to prepare / $ moderate

So let’s start. Firts you need to cut the set of fresh frozen cod crosswise, in 2 width cm pieces. Temper with salt and pepper, drizzle with lemon juice and let it marinate during 20 minutes. Dry with absorbent paper and wrap the kadaif fresh pasta around each piece of the cod. Fry until golden brown dough and put it on absorbent paper. Serve with with chips and lime mayonnaise. Enjoy it6231802_orig